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YOUR Book, the Way YOU Want It

I offer a range of ghostwriting services to help you create and publish the book you want.

Book Ghostwriting

Carol Wiley
Carol Wiley is a Certified  Ghostwriter in Seattle

You have information you want to share with the reading public. You know your topic and its value. Maybe you have a partial or complete draft written. But you don’t know how to structure a book and make the words sing in a language the average reader understands. Or you just don’t have the time.

I can help with complete A-to-Z ghostwriting services.

I start by evaluating your project idea or current manuscript to:

  • Determine its best potential markets using industry-standard (not Amazon!) classifications
  • Uncover its “gold” and other strengths
  • Identify any aspects that may impede its success
  • Create an industry-standard pitch
  • Determine its most effective template
  • Develop an action plan for the title’s success by creating a concept outline and setting up an interview schedule to cover everything in the outline

Before I start writing, you and I will know how your book will fit in the marketplace, what agents and publishers will want to know about it, and how to talk about it.

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Musical Line Edit

You’ve written a draft. It’s reasonably well-structured. But the words need to flow better. Perhaps the book is overwritten yet underdeveloped—you know your point but not the best way to say it—so the book is too abstract or keeps repeating the same point using different words, which confuses readers to no end. A musical line edit can fix these problems.

Musical line editing infuses a manuscript with punch, impact, energy, and forward drive. It transforms heavy material into quick and easy reads. It brings out the rhythm and music of the words.

Book Coaching

You want to write your own book, but you aren’t sure how to approach it. I’ll guide you in figuring out the book’s purpose and the most effective book structure to communicate your message, and support you during the writing process. Together, we’ll create—and reach—milestones, address stuck places and obstacles, and find what you need to move forward.

I offer two levels of coaching: one where I extensively edit your writing and one where I don’t but make general suggestions for you to incorporate into your work.

Book Proposal

All nonfiction books are sold by book proposal. You may want to start with the proposal, sell your book, and then complete writing it. Preparing a proposal is a major undertaking, as it requires knowing the entire structure and contents of the book. Just as with ghostwriting the book, I will review anything you have written and set up interviews to fill in the rest of the material. Then I will structure the book and write the first two or three chapters. The complete proposal contains:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Proposal Contents
  3. Overview (a one-to-two page profile/pitch of the book from the industry’s perspective)
  4. Market Analysis (BISACs, etc.)
  5. Competition (a competitive title analysis)
  6. Author Bio (your authority & credentials)
  7. Promotion (what you will do to promote the book)
  8. Book Details (projected word count and publishing details)
  9. Book Contents (annotated, chapter-by-chapter table of contents)
  10. Sample Chapters

Much of a book proposal’s information can be re-purposed for publicists, booking agents, marketing agents, advertisements, cooperative marketing ventures, and self-publishers who want to develop affiliations with independent supply-chain companies.

Analysis & Recommendations

Have a manuscript-in-progress or completed rough draft that could benefit from an expert assessment and detailed recommendations for improvement?

Let’s start with an Analysis & Recommendations. I’ll review what you have written and provide you a written report detailing how your manuscript comes across to a cold reader, its potential in various markets, it strongest selling points, its biggest obstacles in the marketplace, and exactly how to overcome those obstacles. Specifically, I will:

  • Identify your manuscript’s strengths
  • Identify weaknesses, including obstacles to marketability
  • Write an industry-standard pitch line for query letters and promotions
  • Determine the three most appropriate market (BISAC) and direct-to-reader (Amazon) classifications
  • Analyze overall potential in light of strengths, weaknesses, and market(s)
  • Recommend step-by-step corrections for marketplace obstacles

Email or call 425-954-5459 today to arrange a free initial 30-minute consultation to talk about your business, how-to, self-help, or body-mind-spirit book.

Book Ghostwriter Fees and Schedule

I evaluate every project individually and present you with a written proposal. You can generally expect my fees and schedule to fall within these ranges:

ServiceFeeTime Required
Full Nonfiction Manuscript$30,000 to $75,0007-9 months
Analysis & Recommendations$1000 to $20002 weeks
Stand-Alone Musical Line Editvariesvaries
Book Proposal – Standalone$9,995 to $15,0003-4 months
Book Proposal – Add-on to manuscript$4,5003-4 weeks
Coaching Level 1$1,200 to $2,500/month
Coaching Level 2$2,500 to $4,500/month